Facility management

With our facility management service we satisfy the needs of our Clients concerning the whole facility management in an optimal level, therefore the smooth operations of their main business. The Első Hazai Adatkezelő Ltd. provides its Clients the inevitable working environment and complete establishment, special preparation and installation of protective functions, according to the industry requirements at high quality and conforming to the Clients’ individual demands.

Our company improves the well-being of the employees and the efficient operation of the organisation with providing and coordinating the following activities among other things:
  • Purchases and sales of real estate
  • Rental/Letting of real estate
  • Building management
  • Building maintenance
  • Technological services
  • Cleaning
  • Energy management
  • Guarding
  • Catering services
  • Furnishing/Removal
  • Land management
  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Workplace planning
  • Workplace management
  • Cost planning
  • Economic viability investigations
  • Managing construction and investment projects
  • Security services
  • Reconstruction/Renovation
  • Workplace installation
  • Administration services
  • Purchasing and installing office supply, operating equipment and other equipment
  • Telecommunication/data communication management
  • Cable and network management
  • Fleet management