Contact Center services

Call Center

Comfortable, fast and always available solutions, the most favoured channel of the clients. Let it be order placement, information providing, complaint or data change reporting, our company offers excellent value for money services.

Front Office

Whether it is administrator or hostess activity our exceptional selection and training methodology enables us to provide outstanding quality services for our Clients at the area of personal contact too.

Back Office

According to the needs of our clients we implement data controlling, recording, processing, cleansing, correspondence and other back office tasks at a high quality. The Back Office activities are usually closely linked to the Call Center: the information generated by the phone correspondence, data processing.


It is essential at new and existing products, also at launching, promoting a service or for seasonal, clientele retaining or increasing campaigns. Besides being cheap it is also an extremely effective tool for successful marketing. Our company supports its Clients in this activity too with the contribution of an expert.

Soft Collection

It is a crucial point in the operation of every company and deserves particular attention to prevent the accumulation of receivables and managing them successfully. Our company takes responsibility for this task that requires special preparedness, in which besides the multi-channel informing we take care of the administration as well.

Market research/Satisfaction survey

Market research and by this the precise knowledge of the market is inevitable for forward planning, as it is the only way to determine what kind of strategy can be and needed to be used to achieve the objectives outlined. Just like this, during the operation of every company the feedback about satisfaction of existing Clients is priority, so that the provided services, products can be continuously improved and upgraded. Our company offers professional and effective solutions to its Clients in this area too.