About us

The Első Hazai Adatkezelő Ltd. has been available for its Clients in top quality
with its high quality Contact Center, HR, Training and Facility management services since 2002.

Our vision

„As a renowned, reliable, outstanding performer and innovative character of the industry, we provide complex, complete solutions and services which are customised and tailored to the customers’ requirements, for companies which prioritise the quality, quantity and satisfaction of their clients – and by this the values represented by their clients.”

Our mission

„Our mission is to improve the market approach, support the appreciation of customers and establish the quality customer service environment at domestic companies, during which we try to achieve the maximal satisfaction of our Clients by performing their orders and implementing their concepts. Our aim is to increase the market value of our Clients. Besides cost effective operation we focus on serving the customers of our Clients with the highest level of service.”

Why the EHA?

Our quality service is guaranteed by the more than 10 years’ experience of our management.

Based on our business model we always provide an expert team participating in different projects in the best combination according to the needs of our Clients.

We serve the complete and excellent customer satisfaction with all of our available resources as we are aware of the fact that our Clients let us manage their two most valuable treasures: the representation of their brand and their clients.

We continuously train our colleagues, as it is obvious for us, that the high level of their knowledge is one of the keys to our success.

We avoid templates and unifications, so all of our Clients are provided with unique, tailored and the most optimal and effective solutions.

Our professional experience which we are proud of:

The high quality service of the Első Hazai Adatkezelő Ltd is proved best by the satisfaction of our Clients and their long-term trust.

Budapesti Elektromos Művek Nyrt.
Services provided:
call center, back office, satisfaction surveys, outsourcing, SAP training

Észak-Magyarországi Áramszolgáltató Nyrt.
Service provided:
call center, back office, satisfaction surveys, outsourcing, SAP training

Fővárosi Gázművek Zrt.
Service provided:
call center, back office, satisfaction surveys, telemarketing/telesales, market research, hostess service, outsourcing, SAP training, facility management (call center technology)